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Although we all live under the same sky, the sky is ever changing and no moments are the same. The emotions we feel are embodied by the passing of time and mirrored by the colors of sky.

Training with the soft bliss beneath the blue sky till the light fades out with the setting sun at dusk, the night falls and we are greeted by the gentle twinkle of the stars. Blessed to be alive, and breathing- we'd like to blend these special moments and feelings of training into our flow props.

The Buugeng (Sky Series) are uniquely handmade with three color choices and other customizations. Just like the sky, every piece is distinct and incomparable.  

⚙️Product Details
Buugeng (Sky Series)
Curator: @chroniclesofmochicat
Stock: Made to Order | Ever piece is unqiue
Material: Wood
Customizable components: Color choices (Sora, Twilight, Midnight) | Structural Components (three-magnetic detachable, dual-magnetic foldable, one-piece fixed)
Quantity: 1 pair (display stand included)
Production Time: Two to three weeks
Price: HKD $1,800/pair (plus additional shipping charge; customization cost)



手繪武幻 (Handmade Buugeng) 的「SKY系列」有三款配色可供訂製,每一對都和每次仰望的天色一樣,獨一無二。歡迎查詢及訂製不同的款式。

名稱:Buugeng (Sky Series)
存貨:只供訂製 絕無僅有
訂製內容:配色(晴空、暮色、夜空) | 組裝結構(三磁可拆式、雙磁可摺式、一體固定式)
出貨期: 二至三週
售價:$1,800/對 (不含運費,因應訂製要求調整)


-由於這是客製化商品,因此在您的物品發貨之前,請留出最多 10 天的製作時間。

武幻 Buugeng SKY系列

  • -由於這是客製化商品,因此在您的物品發貨之前,請留出最多 10 天的製作時間。
    -產品出貨期為 2-3週

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